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Uninstall infrastructure integrations

Uninstalling the infrastructure agent does not directly affect any of your infrastructure integrations: If you uninstall the agent, your integrations will remain. Similarly, if you disable or uninstall your integrations, the infrastructure agent will remain.

To uninstall any of your integrations, follow the procedure corresponding to the type of integration.

On-host integrations

If you used the integrations package, see the integrations package instructions.

Here are some examples:

Moving away from the integrations package

While it is still possible to use the integrations package, we recommend removing it completely and working with integrations on an individual basis.

The last integration package contains the following versions of the integrations:

  • Apache 1.1.2
  • Cassandra 2.0.3
  • MySQL 1.1.5
  • Nginx 1.0.2
  • Redis 1.0.1

If you remove the integrations package and want to continue using the related on-host integrations, you will need to install them one by one. To uninstall the package and re-install your integrations:

  1. Remove the integrations package by following these instructions. The config files from the old integrations will not be deleted, so you won’t have to configure them again.

  2. Install your integrations one by one following these instructions. To replicate the integrations package, you will need to install all the available integrations again.

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