Introduction to New Relic Mobile

New Relic Mobile allows you to monitor and manage the performance of your iOS and Android applications by providing end-to-end details, errors, and throughput from every angle in real time.

New Relic Mobile offers versions for iOS and for Android apps.


Here is a summary of New Relic Mobile features. Some features depend on subscription level.

New Relic Mobile Features
Comprehensive performance data

View your mobile app's performance Overview page for summary information about active sessions, or drill down to detailed information, including:

Detailed network views
Usage details at a glance
  • Compare performance between versions of your app with detailed information for memory, CPU (iOS only), interaction speed, network requests per minute, and network failures.
  • View a monthly report with a bar chart tracking the number of devices running your app for each month over the last year.
Crash analysis
  • Use the Crash analysis page to slice and dice your crash and network data (using groups and filters) to analyze trends leading to the crash.
  • Use the API to add custom "breadcrumb" events to important app pathways.
  • Study the crash event trail to diagnose the causes of a crash.
Sample, query, and chart data

With some New Relic Mobile subscriptions, you get access to New Relic Insights:

API options
  • iOS: Add UIImage, UIViewController, NSJSONSerialization, NSManagedObjectContext
  • Android: Add Activity, Fragment, SQLiteDatabase, BitmapFactory, Gson, JSONObject
Customized alert notifications Set thresholds and alert notifications for HTTP status error rate, network failure rate, and response time against each host your app talks to.
Custom data Add custom data about your app and customers to debug crashes, analyze user activity, and more.
And more! Learn more about features on the New Relic Mobile product page. Learn more about pricing and subscription levels on the pricing page.

New users

Make sure your mobile app meets New Relic Mobile's compatibility requirements. For first-time installations, follow standard procedures to sign up with New Relic.

  1. Go to New Relic's signup page from your browser.
  2. Complete all required information, and select the type of app: iOS, Android, etc.
  3. Select Sign Up Now.
  4. Continue with the installation and configuration procedures for your Android, iOS, tvOS, or Unity application.

Compatibility and requirements

New Relic Mobile is compliant with standard application stores, including Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and others. Before account Admins install and configure New Relic Mobile functionality with your mobile applications, follow these guidelines for compatibility and other requirements.

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