Compatibility and requirements for the Mobile React Native agent


Before you install and configure the New Relic Mobile React Native agent's functionality on your Android and iOS mobile applications, follow these guidelines for compatibility and requirements. The agent initially supports your React Native environment and will extend to other solutions in the future.

Public beta

The current version of the React Native agent has only been tested for mobile devices. For more information about other known issues during the public beta, see the troubleshooting documentation.

Minimum requirements

Review New Relic Mobile's general requirements for Android or iOS applications. In addition, make sure your app meets these requirements for compatibility with the React Native agent:

React Native agent Minimum requirements
Mobile app types During the beta period, you must install the React Native agent on both your iOS and Android apps.
Node version 10 or higher
React Native version 0.60.0 or higher
NPM package manager 5.8.0 or higher
iOS target 9 or higher
iOS architectures x86_64, arm64, and arm64e
Android target API 21 or higher
Cocoapods 0.60 or higher
Gradle Should automatically integrate
Xcode 10.2 or higher
ProGuard or DexGuard For assistance with uploading manually, notify New Relic Mobile's React Native beta team.

Security and data privacy

The React Native agent generates the same identifiers that are used for Android and iOS mobile applications, ensuring the same levels of data security that our other Mobile products provide. For more information, see our Mobile security documentation.

For more help

During the public beta, we welcome your questions and comments through the React Native beta discussion board in New Relic's Explorers Hub. Support requests also will be routed there.