New Relic Mobile

New Relic Mobile allows you to monitor and manage the performance of your iOS and Android applications by providing end-to-end details, errors, and throughput from every angle in real time. With New Relic Mobile, you can:

  • Gain real-time visibility into performance problems and end-user experiences
  • Understand how multiple backend (internal and third-party) services are affecting your app’s performance
  • Learn how individual components in the fragmented mobile ecosystem might be negatively impacting app performance
  • Compare the performance of multiple versions of your app to see if anything needs tuning
Mobile > (selected App) > Overview: Quickly view crash occurrences, app launches, and more with New Relic Mobile.

Introduction to Mobile. Learn how to monitor and manage the performance of your iOS or Android applications.

Android installation. Learn how to install New Relic Mobile functionality with your Android applications.

iOS installation and configuration. Learn how to install and configure New Relic Mobile functionality with your iOS applications.

Mobile alerts. Set up alert conditions for your mobile apps, including crash reporting and execution time.

Android SDK API or iOS SDK API. Customize how New Relic monitors your applications.

Mobile UI. Understand components of the Mobile UI, including network pages, crashes, and usage pages.