Alerting with New Relic mobile apps

Owner or Admins

Account administrators can set up configuration to receive push notifications on Android and iOS devices from New Relic Alerts. You can receive alerts from any policy by attaching a user channel to the policy.

Turn notifications on or off

When you log in to your New Relic account from an Android or iOS app, your device is automatically associated with your user channel. Be sure to add the associated user channel to the alert policy.

View alert incident details New Relic Android app alert incident detail

The notification automatically appears on your device's lock screen. To start the New Relic app:

  1. Android devices: Tap the notification from the notification drawer.


    iOS devices: Swipe the screen.

  2. From the New Relic app's Alerts menu, select any alert to view error details for the associated application.
  3. Optional: Select Acknowledge.
  4. Optional: To view additional details, select Overview, Violations, or Event log.

The main menu's Alerts list shows alerts in the following order, sorted by time:

  • Active incidents
  • Resolved incidents from today
  • Resolved incidents and events from the past week, organized by day

Troubleshoot alert settings

If alerts are not working on your mobile device:

  1. Verify that alerts are enabled.
  2. Check your mobile device's notification settings, to ensure New Relic is permitted to send alerts.

If the notification settings for your mobile device are correct, but you still do not receive notifications, delete the device from your account, then uninstall and reinstall the New Relic application.

Check notification settings for your mobile device.

Follow the procedure for your mobile device.

Device To check notification settings:
  1. From your Android device's Settings, select Sound and notification.
  2. Check the settings for sound volume.
  3. Optional: Enable Also vibrate for calls.
  4. Check the settings for Interruptions.
  5. Check the settings for Notification.
  6. Check the settings for App notifications: Select the New Relic app, then check the settings for Block and Priority.
  1. Ensure Do Not Disturb is off: From the iOS Settings app, select Do Not Disturb, and check that the Manual switch is off.
  2. Ensure the New Relic app is allowed to send notifications: From the iOS Settings app, select Notifications, and locate the New Relic app from the app list.
  3. Ensure that the Allow Notifications switch is on.
  4. Ensure that the alert style is set to Banners or Alerts.
  5. Optional: To enable audio alerts, set Sounds to on.
Delete the Android or iOS device from your New Relic account.

To delete the mobile device from your New Relic account, use the public graphql api in a web browser:

  1. Query current devices by selecting actor -> mobilePushNotification -> devices and selecting appVersion, deviceId, and deviceName. Run this query to get the list of devices.
  2. Mutate to remove a device by selecting mutation -> mobilePushNotificationRemoveDevice, and passing in the deviceId from the list above.

Or you can remove the device from the in-app Settings option from the menu -> Settings

  1. Look under Push notification devices, and remove from there. On iOS, slide from right to left to Delete a device, on Android, tap Delete

Continue with the steps to reinstall the New Relic app from your device.

Uninstall the New Relic mobile app.

Follow the procedure to uninstall the New Relic app from your device, then reinstall it.

Device To uninstall the New Relic app:
  1. From your Android device's Settings, select Apps, then select the New Relic app.
  2. Select Uninstall.
  3. Continue with the steps to reinstall the New Relic app.
  1. From your iOS home screen, tap and hold the New Relic icon until it shakes.
  2. To delete the app, select the X icon.
  3. Continue with the steps to reinstall the New Relic app.
Reinstall the New Relic mobile app.

To reinstall the New Relic mobile app:

  1. From your Android device, select Google Play Store.


    From your iOS device's home screen, select App Store.

  2. Search for New Relic.
  3. Download the app.
  4. When the download finishes, sign in to your New Relic mobile app with your New Relic account.

For more help

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