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Alerts in New Relic mobile apps

Account administrators can set up configuration to receive push notifications on Android and iOS devices from New Relic alerts. You can receive issue from any workflow with a destination of mobile push.


Users on both the New Relic One user model and the original user model can set up a workflow with mobile push as a destination.

Turn notifications on or off

When you log in to your New Relic account from an Android or iOS app, your device is automatically associated with your user. Be sure to add a destination of mobile push to the workflow.

View issue incident details

The notification automatically appears on your device's lock screen. To start the New Relic app:

  1. Depending on your device, do the follwing:
    • In Android devices, tap the notification from the notification drawer.
    • In iOS devices, swipe the screen.
  2. From the New Relic app's Alerts menu, select any issue to view error details for the associated application.
  3. Optionally, select Acknowledge.
  4. Optionally, to view additional details, select Overview, Incidents, or Issue log.

The main menu's Alerts list shows issues sorted by time, you may apply additional filters or change the time window in the top right:

Troubleshoot alert settings

If push notifications aren't working on your mobile device:

  1. Verify that you meet the requirements.
  2. Verify that alerts are enabled.
  3. Check your mobile device's notification settings, to ensure New Relic is permitted to send push notifications.

If the notification settings for your mobile device are correct, but you still do not receive notifications, delete the device from your account, then uninstall and reinstall the New Relic application.

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