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Stream Logs from Heroku

You can stream your Heroku logs to New Relic using Heroku's built-in Logplex router. In this page, we explain how to stream logs to New Relic using Heroku Syslog drains.



Currently, our Heroku Syslog endpoint only supports accounts in our US data center.

Ensure the following before configuring log forwarding from Heroku:

  1. Your New Relic user account has the Admin role assigned to it.
  2. The account you wish to send logs to has at least one Insights Insert API Key associated with it.

Create a Heroku Syslog drain

  1. Download and install the Heroku CLI.

  2. Use the Heroku CLI to create a Syslog drain and attach it to the application you want to stream logs from, replacing YOUR_APP_NAME with the name of your Heroku application.

    $ heroku drains:add syslog+tls://newrelic.syslog.nr-data.net:6515 -a YOUR_APP_NAME
  3. Run the following command and copy the Heroku Syslog drain token from the token attribute:

    $ heroku drains -a YOUR_APP_NAME--json
    "addon": null,
    "created_at": "2018-12-04T00:59:46Z",
    "id": "906262a4-e151-45d2-b35a-a2dc0ea9e688",
    "token": "d.f14da5dc-106b-468d-b1bd-bed0ed9fa1e7",
    "updated_at": "2018-12-04T00:59:47Z",
    "url": "syslog+tls://newrelic.syslog.nr-data.net:6515

Register a Heroku Syslog drain

Next, you'll need to register your newly created Heroku Syslog drain in New Relic:

  1. Login to New Relic Logs and click Add more data sources.

    Add more data sources button

  2. Click the Heroku tile under Log ingestion.

    Heroku tile

  3. Choose the New Relic account to stream your Heroku application logs to and click Continue.

  4. Paste your newly created Heroku drain token in the Heroku drain token field.

  5. Select an Insights insert API key from the drop-down.

  6. Click Add Heroku drain log to complete registration.


Heroku doesn't currently support customizing the format of logs sent from Logplex. For more information, check Heroku's documentation on their log format.

View log data

Once logs are streaming you can view them using:

What's next?

Now that you've enabled Logs, here are some potential next steps:

If no data appears after you enable log management, follow the troubleshooting procedures.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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