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Forward CircleCI logs to New Relic

Configure the CircleCI webhook service to send CI/CD Logs to New Relic.

Set up a webhook trigger in CircleCI

Complete these steps to set up a CircleCI webhook to forward your logs to New Relic:

  1. Log in to CircleCI.

  2. Go to one of your CircleCI projects.

  3. Click Project settings.

  4. In the sidebar of your Project Settings, click Webhooks.

  5. Click Add webhook.

  6. Name your webhook.

  7. Enter New Relic's Logs endpoint:

    • US:

    • EU:


    Use the region you set on your New Relic account. Replace YOUR_LICENSE_KEY with your New Relic .

  8. Select either Workflow or Job, depending on the type of event you want to trigger the logpush.

  9. If you've set up your receiving API or third-party service, click Test ping event to create a test event.

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