Create and edit Insights dashboards

Use New Relic Insights to quickly and easily build and view customized dashboards to visualize data about your software and what that data says about your business.

Create dashboards

You can also copy a dashboard to set up a similar dashboard without creating / copying charts manually.

To create a dashboard:

  1. Go to
  2. To add a dashboard, select the green plus icon next to All dashboards.
  3. Give your dashboard a title.
  4. Set permissions for the dashboard.
  5. Optional: From the available icon set, select an icon for the dashboard as it will appear in the menu bar, or use the default bar chart icon.
  6. To save your dashboard, select Done editing.
  7. Add NRQL charts or metric charts to your dashboard.

For more information, check out New Relic University’s tutorial: Introduction to dashboards and data apps. Or, go directly to the full online course: Dashboards and data apps.

Edit dashboards

Enter edit mode by selecting the Edit button while viewing the dashboard. In edit mode you can:

For more help

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