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Cannot create alert condition for infrastructure integration


You can't create an infrastructure alert condition because the metric you want to alert on does not appear in the Define thresholds section of our infrastructure UI's alerts page.


Instead of using New Relic's infrastructure UI, use infrastructure REST API calls to create the alert condition.

  1. Review the query syntax to create (POST) an infrastructure condition.

  2. Review the API requirements for metric conditions.

  3. When you create the condition: For the select_value field, build the metric name by using the following syntax, where provider is a standard prefix string:

    • metric: Use the metric name as described in the New Relic documentation for your integration.
    • aggregation_type Use Sum, Average, Minimum, or Maximum. Refer to the original documentation by the integration's cloud provider to see which statistic aggregations are available for each metric.
  4. For the policy_id field, use the unique ID for the condition's associated alert policy. Find the policy ID in the policy URL:



This happens because the Define thresholds dropdown list in our infrastructure UI only shows the metrics that New Relic has been able to collect in the last hour.

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