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Polling intervals for Azure integrations

New Relic's Azure integrations query your Azure services according to a polling interval specific to the integration.

The polling interval applies for every Azure entity related to the integrated service. For example, if you have thirteen CosmosDB instances, each of the thirteen instances will be polled every five minutes.

View polling data

After you activate an Azure integration, New Relic starts polling data from Azure and makes the data accessible through our UI. You can query the Azure data along with additional data imported from any other New Relic features. You can also view dashboard data for a specific integration or across your account.

For visualizations of polling intervals, API calls, and other data for your Azure integrations:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > Azure.
  2. To view data for a specific integration: Select the Dashboards link for the integration's row.

New Relic polling intervals

For details on polling and resolution, see the documentation for a specific integration in the Azure integrations list section.

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