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Pass infrastructure agent parameters to an on-host integration


You have config parameters defined in the infrastructure agent and you want to pass the parameters to one of its on-host integrations.


You can pass config parameters set in the agent to its on-host integrations by adding the variable passthrough_environment to the infrastructure agent's configuration file.

Starting with infrastructure agent version 1.24.1, passthrough_environment supports regex for variable names.

For example, if you want to pass the proxy options configured in the infrastructure agent to an integration, add the following configuration to the infrastructure config file:

- NRIA_.*

Starting with infrastructure agent version 1.14.0, you can also define environment variables as part of the integration configuration file as shown below (passthrough_environment config is also required):

integration_name: com.newrelic.redis
- name: redis-metrics
command: metrics
hostname: localhost
port: 6379
password: {{MY_REDIS_PASSWORD}}
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