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Partial or missing logs for RDS, VPC, AWS Lambda


You are using NewRelic-log-ingestion, the lambda function for pushing logs from AWS to our RDS Enhanced Monitoring, VPC Flow Logs integrations, or early versions (alpha and beta) of monitoring for AWS Lambda. It is not working or it is sending partial data.


The NewRelic-log-ingestion lambda versions prior to 2.1 are being deprecated. Update to the latest lambdas published in the AWS Serverless Repository. You can either use the New Relic CLI or update manually.

Recommended: The main way to update the log ingestion lambda function is to follow standard procedures to update the function using the New Relic CLI.

You can also update the function manually:

  1. Avoid false positives in alerting: Follow UI procedures or API procedures to disable all alert conditions associated with monitoring integrations with AWS Lambda, RDS Enhanced Monitoring, and VPC Flow Logs.
  2. Remove the outdated lambda version of the lambda: Go to your AWS Lambda Console, and remove newrelic-log-ingestion. Be aware that this stops the RDS Enhanced Monitoring and the VPC Flow Logs integration until the next step is completed.
  3. Re-enable the service: Follow the instructions in RDS Enhanced Monitoring or VPC Flow Logs, or follow the step to configure CloudWatch logs to stream to New Relic Lambda.
  4. Check that your data is flowing through the new lambda.
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