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Introduction to Azure monitoring integrations

Our Microsoft Azure integrations allow you to monitor and report data about your Azure services to New Relic, providing a comprehensive view of your entire architecture in one place.

The Azure integrations are not the same as APM's .NET support for Azure.


Check the docs of our Azure integrations for requirements for specific integrations.

New Relic cannot obtain monitoring data from resources that are located in Azure Government or that were created through the classic deployment model.


After you activate your Azure integration, New Relic begins to query your Azure platform services according to a regular polling interval. You can use our integrations UI to:

Cost considerations

When evaluating the cost of the Microsoft Azure integrations with New Relic, consider Azure's Monitor Pricing. Refer to the "Metric queries" cost item in the Azure pricing documentation.

  • Pricing is based on the number of API calls per month.
  • An estimation of the API calls peformed by New Relic to the different Azure services can be seen in the UI, under Infrastructure > Azure > Azure Status Dashboard.
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