New Relic One dashboards key visual tools

New Relic One dashboards offer intuitive visualization features and tools for advanced data exploration and fast troubleshooting.

Consistent chart coloring

To help you quickly see and correlate your data, when a facet can be applied to more than one chart within a dashboard a consistent facet color is used in all related charts.

Correlated needle

When you mouse over one chart, the correlated needle overlays across all charts or data points in the dashboard at the same time. The tooltip provides the relevant data points from the selected facet, such as maximum and minimum values in a line chart, or highlights the selected attribute in a pie chart.

Data scrubber

The chart scrubber helps you select a data point or facet in a chart when the chart is too crowded and facets are too close to each other. Mouse along the needle to smoothly select the adjacent facets and view their associated data points. You can also lighten a heavily populated chart by unselecting one or more of the attributes that appear in the UI.

Brush to zoom

Drag to select a time segment of any chart and you will automatically zoom to that time period on all the charts in the dashboard.

The time picker will reflect the new period on display in the dashboard. You can return to the default or any other time settings at any time.

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