Introduction to New Relic One dashboards

New Relic One dashboards allow you to combine data from anywhere in the New Relic platform to build flexible, interactive visualizations. You can easily explore your data and correlate connected sources with tailored, user-friendly charts, and quickly learn the state of your system and applications for faster, more efficient troubleshooting.

Dashboards, along with the chart builder and the rest of the New Relic One platform, have been designed for users regardless of their experience level. Anyone can surface data and tailor the visualization with little effort.

Want to switch to New Relic One from Insights? See our transition guide.

Use visuals to share data

With New Relic One dashboards you can:

  • Perform NRQL queries and create charts and dashboards everywhere in the platform using the chart builder.
  • Build flexible, high-density dashboards with a consistent UI.
  • Manage your charts and dashboards easily using our quick-access CRUD menus and editing options.
  • Explore and contextualize data with advanced tooltips and zoom-in functions to monitor what your systems are doing in real time.
  • Search your dashboards for attributes and metrics.
  • Send data to your dashboards using the Insights API.

See your dashboards across all New Relic

New Relic One dashboards have full backwards compatibility with the original New Relic platform, so any dashboard you have created in Insights will be automatically available in New Relic One dashboards from day one. Reciprocally, when you add a new dashboard in New Relic One you will see the same dashboard in Insights within the original New Relic. No further action is needed.

With New Relic One you can also view dashboards across your organization using cross-account search. You can access a maximum of 2000 cross-account dashboards.

Navigation to and from New Relic One is simple. New Relic One includes links back to the existing products on the New Relic One homepage. In Insights, there are two links on the main query page, one taking users to the dashboard index, and another one taking users to the chart builder.

Understand and customize the data you collect

New Relic dashboards let you chart all the events and attributes from the New Relic platform: APM, Browser, Infrastructure, Synthetics, and Mobile. For more information, see our documentation on default data collection. To see the events and attributes New Relic collects, use the New Relic event data dictionary.

You can add custom attributes or send custom event types to most events in order to better understand your business, and see specific details about how you customers interact with your platform, such as page views, host transactions, etc.

Finally, you can chart your custom data in dashboards so you can query, analyze, visualize, and share it.

Want to learn more?

If you want to understand more about dashboards, watch this video (less than 4 minutes). You can also learn more about New Relic One in our full online course.

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