Explore the dashboards index

In the dashboards index you can view all the dashboards associated with your New Relic account. This includes the dashboards you have created within the New Relic One platform as well as the dashboards built in Insights.

You can also quickly access the core New Relic One features such as quick find or the chart builder that are available across the platform.

See your dashboard's basic information at a glance

You can access dashboards using the launcher on the New Relic One home page.

For each dashboard, the index displays the following information:

  • Favorite status, indicated by a star
  • Name: The name of the dashboard
  • Account: The account the dashboard belongs to
  • Created by: The user who created the dashboard
  • Last edited: When the dashboard was last modified
  • Created on: When the dashboard was created

Create a new dashboard

You can easily create a dashboard in New Relic One from the dashboards index:

  1. Select the + Create a dashboard button located at the top right corner of the dashboards index.
  2. Name your dashboard. Names are searchable, so we recommend giving it a meaningful name (your service or application, for instance) using words that will help you locate your dashboard easily.
  3. Select the account the dashboard belongs to. Chose carefully because this action cannot be modified.
  4. Press Create to continue, or Cancel to return to the index.

By default a dashboard is created with Anyone can edit permissions. You can edit them from the settings menu once you access the dashboard.

Alternatively, New Relic One gives you the ability to create a new dashboard:

  • By cloning an existing dashboard.
  • From any chart: Copy any chart from any dashboard to a new or an existing dashboard.
  • In the chart builder: Add any chart you create in the chart builder to a new or an existing dashboard.
  • From the entity explorer: Take any custom view from the entity manager over to dashboards.

Create dashboards with multiple pages

To create a dashboards that have multiple pages, see Add pages to a dashboard.

Dashboard permissions

Dashboards have two types of permissions:

  • Read only: Only you will have full rights to work with the dashboard. Other users will be able to access the dashboard but will not be able to edit or delete it, although they will be able to clone it.
  • Anyone can edit: All users will have full rights to the dashboard.

When you create a dashboard using the Create a dashboard button or by cloning another dashboard, it will have Anyone can edit rights by default. Access the new dashboard to change this setting.

Clone a dashboard

You can clone any dashboard by clicking on the Clone dashboard button which appears when you hover over any dashboard row in the index.

You can clone any dashboard regardless of your permission levels (Read only or Anyone can edit).

The dashboard will be automatically copied and the clone will be added to the index. You can access the new dashboard by clicking on the message that will pop up on your screen.

The cloned dashboard will be called like the original dashboard followed by the word "copy". For example, if you clone a dashboard named this is my dashboard, the clone will be created as this is my dashboard copy. The clone will have Anyone can edit permissions.

You can edit the name and other properties of the dashboard, like the permissions, at any time.

The index displays dashboards according to sorting. To quickly find your cloned dashboard sort the dashboards by creation date, the new dashboard will appear on top.

Delete a dashboard

To delete a dashboard, hover over the dashboard row at the index until the Delete button appears. You can only delete a dashboard if you created it, or if it has Anyone can edit permissions. For more information, see the permissions information.

Mark a dashboard as favorite

You can favorite any dashboard by selecting the star icon in the dashboard index. When checked, the star will turn yellow.

Favoriting dashboards helps you:

  • Find dashboards faster by sorting the index by favorites.
  • Access dashboards quickly from the New Relic One home page.

To remove a dashboard from your favorites, select the star icon again.

New Relic One doesn’t retrieve favorited dashboards from Insights.

Sort your dashboards

The dashboard index is structured in two sections: favorited dashboards always show up at the top of the index, followed by the remaining dashboards you have access to.

By default, dashboards you edited recently are at the top of the index in both sections. To change this order, you can sort both sections by any of the following attributes of the dashboard:

  • Dashboard name
  • Account name
  • Created by
  • Last edited
  • Created on

New Relic One remembers the sorting you set in your last session.

Search for a dashboard

Search by dashboard name and author using the search box above the index, matching dashboards will be automatically marked in bold.

Filter your dashboards

You can filter your dashboards by tags, which you can use to identify users, accounts, locations, etc.

Click on the tag filter to see the available tags, you can easily select one or more tags from the list to narrow down the dashboards in the index.

You can add tags using our tagging API. See our tagging docs for more information.

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