Disable Browser monitoring for specific pages

If you are using New Relic Browser to monitor your application, you can manually disable monitoring of specific pages.

Reasons for turning off Browser monitoring on certain pages include:

  • Some pages may not be relevant for monitoring.
  • You want to monitor only specific pages.
  • You want to remove the Browser script for troubleshooting purposes.

For information on disabling monitoring for specific domains, see Domain conditions.

Disable monitoring of specific pages/URLs

To disable Browser on a specific page, follow the instructions based on your deployment method:

Deployed via copy/paste

If you used the copy/paste deployment method, simply remove the Browser JavaScript snippet from the pages you don't want to monitor.

Deployed via APM agent

If you used the New Relic APM agent to automatically insert your JavaScript snippet, you can disable injection for only those particular pages using the New Relic APM language agent's API or config file. For more information, see the instructions for your agent:

  • Go (currently not applicable)
  • Java
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Node.js: This agent does not automatically insert JavaScript; to turn off monitoring on certain pages, simply remove the API calls from those pages.
  • Python
  • Ruby

For more help

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