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Filter AjaxRequest events

In agent version 1211 or higher, all network requests made by a page are recorded as AjaxRequest events. You can use the deny list configuration options in the Application settings page to filter which requests record events.

Using the deny list

Requests can be blocked in three ways:

  • To block recording of all AjaxRequest events, add an asterisk * as a wildcard.
  • To block recording of AjaxRequest events to a domain, enter just the domain name. Example: example.com
  • To block recording of AjaxRequest events to a specific domain and path, enter the domain and path. Example: example.com/path

The protocol, port, search and hash of a URL are ignored by the deny list.

Access the deny list

To update the deny list of URLs your application will filter from creating events, go to the app settings page:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Browser > (select an app) > Settings > Application settings.
  2. Under Ajax Request Deny List, add the filters you would like to apply to your app.
  3. Select Save application settings to update the agent configuration.
  4. Redeploy the browser agent (either restarting the associated agent or updating the copy/paste browser installation).


To validate whether the filters you have added work as expected, run a NRQL query for AjaxRequest events matching your filter.

FROM AjaxRequest SELECT * WHERE requestUrl LIKE `%example.com%`
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