Database analysis report

APM's database analysis report allows you to analyze your application's performance from the database viewpoint, from the past 24 hours back to the past seven days. It shows comparison information for transactions, including the amount of time spent in throughput (operation requests per minute or rpm), total time spent in the operation, and average time to execute it.

View the database analysis report

To view the database analysis report for your app: Go to > APM > (select an app) > Reports > Database. The default report compares the last 24 hours with the previous 24-hour period, 7 days ago, and averages over the last 7 days.

If you want to... Do this
Change the amount of detail shown Select or clear the time period checkbox options, then select Apply.
Limit the transactions that appear Type the value in the Filter text box; for example, to show only transactions for Model operations that contain the value User.
Change the sort order Select any column's title to sort in ascending or descending order.
Select what data appears as a bar chart Select a Plotting option.
View transaction details Select the transaction's title to go directly to APM's Database and slow queries page.
Return the original settings Select the reset link.

Analyze your data

APM includes several reports in the user interface. To gather, analyze, and visualize data about your software in other formats, use query builder.

For more help

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