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Node.js VMs statistics page

In New Relic's APM, the Node VMs page provides useful runtime data for troubleshooting performance issues and monitoring the health of your application.

What you need

Some of the charts on the Node VMs page require you to install the New Relic Native Metrics Module in addition to the Node.js agent. For installation instructions, see Node VM Measurements.

View Node VM statistics

APM - Node VMs page 1.png

one.newrelic.com > APM > (select an app) > Node VMs: When multiple servers are reporting to the same application, the page breaks charts down by server. You can view data for an individual server and obtain additional details by selecting a server from the Servers filter at the top of the page.

To correlate spikes or upward trends in any of these measurements with specific transactions:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > APM > (select an app) > Node VMs.
  2. Select the time period by clicking and dragging within any of the charts.
  3. Navigate to the Transactions page or any other page.

As you go to other pages, the time picker selection will remain the same.

Analyze performance issues

Here is a summary of the data available on individual Node VM charts. By using all of the charts together, you can troubleshoot performance issues. For example:

  • When the application starts using more objects, memory usage will increase, and garbage collection (GC) will run more frequently. CPU utilization will increase due to time spent in GC.
  • Abnormally long synchronous code execution can increase CPU utilization. This will show spikes in the Event loop max CPU time per tick chart.

View clusters of multiple processes

When multiple Node.js processes on the same server report to the same New Relic application, these charts will show aggregated data. This is because each worker process in a cluster has its own separate Node.js runtime and collects separate data.



Sum across all workers

The following charts show a sum across all workers:

  • GC pause time - Total time per minute
  • GC pause frequency
  • GC pause time by type
  • CPU utilization
  • Event loop ticks per minute

Average from all workers

The following charts show an average from all workers:

  • Memory usage
  • GC pause time — average

Max across all workers

The following charts show max across all workers:

  • GC pause time — max
  • Event loop — max CPU time per tick

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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