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No Browser data appears (.NET)


After generating traffic and waiting five minutes, you do not see any data for your .NET app.


To troubleshoot missing data:

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest release of the .NET agent.

  2. Follow the troubleshooting procedures for missing data as applicable.

  3. Verify whether your pages are rendered using ASPs. If you use another rendering technology, use manual instrumentation.

  4. Flush your .NET cache.

  5. Set the <head> tag of your pages to render on the server.

  6. Verify that your agent is configured to auto-instrument pages. Edit newrelic.config and verify that autoInstrument is set to true:

    <browserMonitoring autoInstrument="true"/>
  7. Check whether IIS page compression is disabled. If compressed before the .NET agent attempts browser instrumentation, the necessary <HEAD> tag won't be found. For instructions on how to check that, see Microsoft documentation.

  8. Look at the source of one of your pages through a browser. Look for a script with references to NREUMQ at the top and bottom of your pages. If you get support at support.newrelic.com, mention whether you are seeing this JavaScript in the page header or in some other location in the page, or you are not seeing it at all.

Here are some additional troubleshooting tips:

Browser problems

Additional troubleshooting tips for .NET agent

IIS exception error

With IIS, you may receive an InvalidOperationException that states:

Post cache substitution is not compatible with modules in the IIS integrated pipeline that modify the response buffers.

To solve this problem, you must manually implement the browser agent: Set browserMonitoring to false in newrelic.config, and follow the manual instrumentation procedures.

Razor framework error

With the Razor framework, you may encounter the following message:

Parser Error Message: "").pop().split("" is not valid at the start of a code block. Only identifiers, keywords, comments, "(" and "{" are valid.

To solve this problem, follow the browser troubleshooting procedures for Razor frameworks.

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