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Azure Web Apps troubleshooting: App Insights conflict


The .NET agent has been installed and the required App Settings are set, but no data appears, and no New Relic logs are created in D:\Home\Logfiles\NewRelic\. In addition, when you use the Azure Kudu console's Process Explorer to inspect your application's Environment Variables, it shows the COR_PROFILER_PATH_64 and COR_PROFILER_PATH_32 are set and pointing to the following:

D:\Program Files (x86)\SiteExtensions\InstrumentationEngine\1.0.19\Instrumentation64\MicrosoftInstrumentationEngine_x64.dll


The .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) only allows one profiler. If Microsoft's Application Insights profiler is installed on the system, the New Relic profiler will not instrument any applications, and no data will appear. For more information, see the Microsoft Azure Web Apps documentation.

To resolve this issue, remove or disable Application Insights from your application.

To remove the Application Insights Site Extension:

  1. Remove all settings related to Application Insights from Application > Settings > Application Settings and Save. This may include the following keys:
    • Any key that begins with APPINSIGHTS_
    • Any key that begins with APPLICATIONINSIGHTS_
    • Any key that begins with XDT_MicrosoftApplicationInsights_
    • DiagnosticServices_EXTENSION_VERSION
    • InstrumentationEngine_EXTENSION_VERSION
  2. Remove the extension from Application > Tools > Extensions. Right-click the extension and Delete.
  3. Remove the Tile Add-On from your Application Panel (if present).
  4. Restart your application.

To disable Application Insights through the Azure Portal: Go to the Application Insights panel under the Settings. This may restart your app.

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