No data appears (.NET)


After waiting five minutes, none of your .NET agent data appears in the New Relic UI.

If you use Azure, see the Azure Troubleshooting documentation.


The absence of data may occur for several reasons. To troubleshoot the most common causes of missing data, see the basic solutions. If the basic solutions do not remedy the issue, the lack of data may be more intrinsic to your system, and requires advanced solutions.

Basic solutions

To troubleshoot the most common reasons for missing data, try the following basic solutions:

  • Restart IIS by running IISRESET from a command line and verify that traffic is being sent to your application. If your application is not receiving traffic, no data will be reported to New Relic.
  • Check for profiler conflicts. If you are using Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), see Resolving .NET and SCOM conflicts.
  • If log files exist, open them and review for errors.

Advanced solutions

To remedy more complex no-data issues, contact New Relic Support, or try the following advanced solutions:

  • Check for a registry key permissions error.
  • Run the Windows Event Viewer and look for Application events from the New Relic .NET Profiler. Search for messages whose source is New Relic .NET Profiler or New Relic .NET Agent. For more information, see No data or event log: CoCreate errors.

    If there are no New Relic event messages, look for messages from the .NET Runtime.

  • Increase your logging level to collect debug logs.
  • Ensure your proxy settings are correct and that your settings include a host attribute.

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