New Relic for .NET status monitor

You must have Administrator access rights to use and install the .NET Status Monitor. Without Administrator rights, the status monitor could not monitor IIS worker processes (such as w3wp.exe)

The New Relic for .NET status monitor is an optional diagnostic and status tool released as part of the .NET agent. It is designed to:

  • Give you visibility into the current status of the .NET agent running on your server.
  • Help you fix common installation issues.
  • Provide a quick link to each of your instrumented applications in
  • Provide quick access to the New Relic log file for each instrumented application.

If you are seeing no data after installing the .NET agent, see No data appears.

Install the .NET status monitor

The status monitor is an optional feature in the .NET agent installation process:

  1. Follow the .NET agent installation instructions.
  2. On the Custom Setup page of the install wizard, enable the Tools > Status Monitor feature.

View the status of monitored apps

The status monitor provides visibility into which applications are currently being instrumented by the .NET agent and the status of each application. You will not see any data on an application unless there has been traffic on it recently. In order to conserve your system resources, the status monitor does not automatically refresh.

To launch the status monitor:

  • From your Windows Start menu or Start screen, search for Status Monitor.


  • Right-click the New Relic icon in the Windows task bar status area (also referred to as the system tray), and select Monitored Applications.

After you select a specific application, select any of the available options:

  • To view whether the application is being instrumented, make sure all checkboxes are green.
  • To view the application in the New Relic UI: Select View application in New Relic.
  • To view the log file: Select Show log file.
  • To repair the installation if any errors are found: Select Repair installation.
  • To view the latest status for your monitored processes and applications, select Refresh data.

Repair installations

New Relic's .NET agent installation is robust and simple to use. However, there are certain scenarios under which previous installations may conflict with the latest version. To fix common problems, repair your installation:

  1. From the status monitor's list of apps, select an app, then select Repair installation.


    From the Windows system tray, select the New Relic icon, then select Tools > Repair installation.

  2. Reset IIS by opening the command prompt, typing IISRESET, and pressing Enter.

If you are using the repair utility with SCOM, see Resolving .NET and SCOM conflicts.


To view currently monitored applications, select Refresh data, then select any monitored application or process on the list. In this case, the status monitor indicates that your installation needs to be repaired.

For more help

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