Gather troubleshooting information (Java)

If none of the New Relic Java agent's troubleshooting procedures resolve the problem, use the log files to troubleshoot the issue. If you need further assistance, gather the following information for getting support at

Include with support request Notes
Log files

Do log files appear for your Java agent?

  • If yes, include the finest level logs, beginning with your JVM startup and running for several minutes.
  • If no, include your JVM's startup logs that show the JVM opening the newrelic.jar file.
Link Include the URL of the page where you're not seeing the data that you expect. If your application data has not appeared at all, then send the URL of the app's APM Summary page.
Your app's newrelic.yml Your app's newrelic.yml configuration file contains your license key and proxy information (if needed). Remove this information before sharing it.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: