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Host links missing in Java app's APM Summary



Changing your hostname settings, particularly the FQDN settings, may disable your server's network access. Test any changes thoroughly before deploying them to a production environment.

You cannot view links to your Linux hosts from your Java app's APM Summary page.


Configure the hostname settings so that the New Relic infrastructure agent in a Linux agent environment will return the exact same name string as the New Relic Java agent. Recommendation: Edit the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) settings. The agents read their hostname from the operating system's FQDN settings, so setting the hostname there will ensure that both agents share a single hostname.


The New Relic user interface uses the hostname to link an app to its host server. Changing the hostname will cause a different name to be reported for the app server than what is reported by any monitored apps. If the app link is currently working, changing the hostname may break the host-server links.


New Relic links the app and the host or server together by string-matching the hostnames reported by the Java agent and our infrastructure agent for Linux. If these two hostname strings are not identical, New Relic cannot connect the app and server in the APM Summary page.

There are several reasons this might occur. For example:

  • The JVM may be reporting the IP address and not the hostname.
  • The JVM may report an IPv6 address, while the Linux agent reports an IPv4 address.
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