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Collect custom attributes

New Relic allows you to collect custom attributes. For example, you can create a custom attribute to track the user name associated with a slow or failing request. This document contains links to docs on how to do this for APM, infrastructure monitoring, browser monitoring, and mobile monitoring.

APM: Record custom attributes


Review the list of reserved terms used by NRQL. Using reserved terms can cause issues.

To enable and use custom attributes for APM, follow the procedure for your APM agent:

Browser monitoring: Record custom attributes

The browser agent provides an API to specify extra details associated with a page view or browser interaction, either by forwarding attributes from APM to browser monitoring or by specifying custom attributes through JavaScript. Values forwarded from the APM agent are encoded and injected into browser attributes by our browser agent.

Infrastructure monitoring: Record custom attributes

Our Infrastructure monitoring lets you create custom attributes that are used to annotate the data from the infrastructure agent. You can use this metadata to build filter sets, group your results, and annotate your data.

Mobile monitoring: Record custom attributes

Mobile agents include API calls to record custom attributes:

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