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Integrate SAP observability with New Relic

SAP® technology is critical to drive your key business processes. Issues related to your SAP systems can cause inefficiencies and interruptions that cost time and money to pinpoint and resolve. This in turn can impact your ability to generate revenue or deliver your products and services.

Using New Relic, you can monitor your SAP systems with a centralized view of your infrastructure, application, and business processes. This helps your IT teams to better support the business with early awareness and faster resolutions.

Monitor performance and overall health of your entire SAP ecosystem or individual components instantly with New Relic.


To get SAP observability, contact your New Relic account representative.

To use this feature, you must be a full platform user with workloads-related capabilities.

This feature has an add-on charge per SAP System ID (SID). An SAP System ID (SID) is a three letter identifier representing a unique instance of an SAP system. Each production and pre-production SAP system is counted as a separate SID. A stand-alone HANA database is also counted as an SID. A single SID can contain multiple resources, like multiple application server instances, and still count as one SID.

To get SAP observability, contact your New Relic account representative.

How the New Relic SAP integration works

Use the New Relic integration with SAP SE to:

  • Get data from multiple sources. We present your data from multiple SAP systems in your organization, as well as from non-SAP systems or individual components.
  • See performance and overall health data in one place. Your telemetry metrics, events, logs, and traces all come together in a central, common view within our UI.
  • Relate relevant data to business processes. We tag your data so that you can monitor your infrastructure and applications from the viewpoint of your corresponding business process.
  • Visualize and share the data with teams. By querying and seeing relevant data in our customizable charts and dashboards, your IT team can more quickly identify the root cause and resolve problems.
  • Prevent problems before they occur. Use our advanced alerting functionality to be notified about problems before they impact your customers.

New Relic automatically provides visualization tools you can tailor to your needs for monitoring and acting on your SAP data.

Why choose our SAP integration

If you are a medium to large enterprise organization, you need reliable SAP tools to manage your business operations and customer relations. Why choose the New Relic SAP integration?

Easier to onboard

Our certified integration with SAP is easy to install and trial as an SAP add-on. Furthermore, we offer turnkey visualization for dashboards, traces, and maps, in addition to anomaly detection and alerts. New Relic monitoring for SAP solutions is an all-in-one centralized observability tool for SAP infrastructure, applications, and business processes.

Leverages your existing SAP investments

Unlike other vendors, New Relic does not rely on third-party connectors, which typically require installing monitoring agents in SAP production servers. Instead, New Relic monitoring for SAP is non-invasive, as it harnesses existing SAP data sources to access all necessary telemetry data. This is why our solution is embraced by SAP support teams as it leverages your existing SAP investments.

No version-specific updates needed

Some SAP solutions apply only to specific versions or situations, which results in time-consuming, frequent updates and coordination. Unlike those solutions, our SAP integration survives upgrades as it uses lower level data sources in the NetWeaver layer.

Get started with SAP observability

To learn more about our SAP monitoring solution:

  • Read our blog post.
  • Contact your New Relic account rep to schedule a demo.

Our team will handle the integration's installation and configuration for you. Contact your New Relic account rep to get started today!

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