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newrelic_add_custom_parameter (PHP agent API)


newrelic_add_custom_parameter(string $key, scalar $value)

Attaches a custom attribute (key/value pair) to the current transaction and the current span (if enabled).


Agent version or higher.


Add a custom attribute (a key and a value data pair) to the current web transaction. (The call name is newrelic_add_custom_parameter because "custom attributes" were previously called "custom parameters.") For example, you can add a customer's full name from your customer database. This attribute appears in any transaction trace that results from this transaction. You can also query the Transaction event for your custom attributes.


Security recommendation—Review your Transaction attributes configuration. Any attribute include or exclude settings specific to Transaction events, should be applied to your Span attributes configuration or your Global Attributes configuration.


If you want to use your custom attributes, avoid using any of the reserved terms used by NRQL.






Required. The name of the custom attribute. Only the first 255 characters are retained.



Required. The value to associate with this custom attribute.

If the value given is a float with a value of NaN, Infinity, denorm or negative zero, the behavior of this function is undefined. For other floating point values, the agent may discard 1 or more bits of precision (ULPs) from the given value.

Return values

Returns true if the parameter was added successfully.


Report a variable as the value

if (extension_loaded('newrelic')) { // Ensure PHP agent is available
// Record custom data about this web transaction
newrelic_add_custom_parameter ('user_email', $user_email);


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