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Update legacy monitors to the latest runtime versions

Use the synthetics runtime upgrades UI if your monitors use legacy runtimes, including Chrome 72, Node 10, or lower. We recommend you update to our newest runtimes. They have more features. They also work with browser versions closer to those used by your users.

The synthetics runtime upgrade UI is a central place to view all monitors that use legacy runtimes. It also allows you to update them to the newest runtimes.


On October 22, 2024, we will end of life the containerized private minion (CPM) and legacy synthetics runtime versions. For public locations, use the runtime upgrade UI to update your monitors to the newest runtimes. For private locations, please review our recommended migration steps to avoid monitor degradation.


Users need the bulk runtime upgrade permission to update runtimes using the UI. This permission allows them to make changes to multiple runtimes at once. Without this permission, users can't apply bulk updates. All product admin have this permission by default, but you can add it to custom roles to meet your organization's requirements.

Synthetics private locations must have synthetics job manager installed to run monitors using the Chrome 100+ or Node 16.10 runtimes.

Proactive upgrade testing

We will test all synthetic monitors using legacy runtimes against our latest runtimes in a proactive way. This testing:

  • It happens once and will only trigger again if someone updates the monitor.
  • Is used only to populate the runtime upgrade UI.
  • Doesn't consume synthetic checks.
  • Doesn't populate the results UI for the monitor.
  • Doesn't create SyntheticCheck, SyntheticRequest, or any other job artifacts.

Each upgrade test result will populate the runtime upgrade UI in one of three tabs:

Upgrade runtimes

You can select and upgrade individual monitors from each tab. You can also use the Upgrade all button to upgrade all monitors with that status, passed or failed, at once.

Monitors may take up to 10 minutes to start using the new runtime after upgrading using the runtime upgrade UI.

Programmatic runtime upgrades

Runtime upgrade test results are available via NerdGraph.

NerdGraph mutations can be used to update monitor runtimes

Downgrade runtimes

Using the monitor settings UI, you can downgrade a specific monitor to legacy runtimes. The runtime upgrade UI doesn't allow you to bulk downgrade monitor runtimes.

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