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Add and edit monitors

Synthetic monitors are API checks or virtual browser instances that monitor your website, recording each check in detail. They can also:

You'll be able to add and configure synthetic monitors to suit your environnment after you create a New Relic account. (It's free, forever!)

Add a monitor

You can add several types of synthetic monitors:

  • Ping monitors ensure your website is responding, while simple browser monitors send real browsers to check your website.
  • For more complex monitoring, scripted browser monitors verify that specific resources are present, while API tests verify your API endpoint.

The default timeout for a new monitor is 180 seconds.

To learn how to use our step monitor to build complex workflow validation scripts without writing any code, watch this short YouTube video (approx. 3:20 minutes).


You can also add monitors with the Synthetics REST API. For example, you can create a GET request to the monitor you want to use as the source for configuration, then use those key values to use in a POST to "copy" and create a new monitor.

Edit a monitor

You cannot change a monitor's type after the monitor is created, but you can edit other monitor settings.

  1. From the Monitors tab in one.newrelic.com > Synthetics, select the monitor you want to edit.

  2. In the side menu, select a link to change the following settings:

    • Select Settings > General to edit name, Apdex T, URL, locations, frequency, and advanced options.
    • For Scripted browser and API test monitors, select Settings > Script to edit your monitor script.
    • For synthetic monitoring alerts, click Manage alerts.
  3. Select Save changes to confirm.

Delete a monitor

You must have Admin privileges in order to delete a monitor.

To delete a monitor:

  1. From the Monitors tab in one.newrelic.com > Synthetics, select the monitor you want to edit.
  2. From the selected monitor, select Settings > General.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the trash can icon.


You can also delete a monitor with the Synthetics REST API.

Monitor settings

When configuring monitors, the following settings are available:

See a history of monitor changes

You can use New Relic One to see a history of recent changes to synthetic monitors and what users changed them.

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