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This document describes New Relic’s current operating plan and our commitment to keeping our products and services running for our customers.

New Relic COVID-19 Business Continuity Response and Actions

In light of the current events related to COVID-19, we would like to update you regarding actions taken both to preserve the health and well-being of our staff and to address potential impact to the delivery of the software and services New Relic provides. We would also like to inform you of our approach to keeping ahead of any impact to both our own and our customer’s business. We greatly appreciate the trust you give to us for enabling the performance of your own applications and services.

As a company with SaaS based roots, our people are well accustomed to the technology and practices that underlie the operation of a cloud native platform. Our services are delivered over the internet and in many cases rely on environments or systems under customer control. New Relic’s Site-Engineering teams have taken steps to enhance and refine monitoring for both uptime and a smooth customer experience. We do this with real-time data and deep visibility to make sure our products stay up and can be supported.

Helping our community

Businesses are suddenly having to scale more quickly than ever: grocery stores, medical websites, video conferencing tools, online education apps, media outlets, streaming video platforms, exercise apps, and more. Many companies are experiencing unforeseen pressure on their online services and systems, and some with only a portion of their usual staff. New Relic’s applications and services have been critical to helping companies go through their “biggest days ever.” That's why New Relic exists.

So we are stepping up to help in a variety of ways. For example, we’ve announced the expansion of our existing nonprofit product donation program to allow any organization engaged in COVID-19 relief to use New Relic’s platform free of charge for 90 days, which can be extended based on the crisis duration.

Taking care of our people and our business

In order to mitigate and maintain minimal impact on employees, the New Relic Crisis Management team has implemented various policies and actions. Among the actions taken, we have suspended travel for all employees until we determine risk has significantly been reduced. We've also moved all meetings and planned internal conferences to completely virtual formats. We’ve temporarily closed our offices globally and have implemented a “work-from-home policy”, in line with our business continuity plans to ensure the continued operation of all aspects of our business including business support and product delivery.

Given our global presence, New Relic has a robust program in place to enable our workforce to work remotely with security and access to the services necessary to support our business and our customers. We’ve enhanced the capability for our engineers, already on-call and comfortable working remotely, by ramping up VPN capacity so they can continue on a fully remote basis.

We reaffirm our commitment to the continued delivery of the capabilities our customers rely on for keeping their own systems performing. We’re making sure that customers can get support they need when they need it. We are partnering closely with customers to ensure they are prepared for managing their performance during these times.

COVID-19 resources

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