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March 27, 2015
Node.js agent v1.18.0

Reduce agent CPU overhead by omitting setImmediate from traces. Mitigate a Node.js memory leak that can occur during TLS connections

March 19, 2015
Node.js agent v1.17.3

Fixed a bug where external requests report times longer than the transactions that initiated them. External request segments are now always ended when an error occurs. Fixed a bug that produced incorr

March 12, 2015
Node.js agent v1.17.2

Fixed a bug that interfered with listing the routes in Express apps. Fixed a bug that caused custom transaction names to appear as "unknown". Added more log detail when instrumentation fails to load

March 5, 2015
Node.js agent v1.17.1

Added instrumentation support for Node.js PostgreSQL driver pg 4.x. Added instrumentation support for Datastax's Cassandra driver. Updated Oracle instrumentation to collect new datastore metrics

February 25, 2015
Node.js agent v1.17.0

Added instrumentation for modules in Node core. Added support for native Promises in Node.js 0.12 and io.js 1.x. Traces will now contain separate segments for async waits and callbacks. Updated instru

February 20, 2015
Node.js agent v1.16.4

Fixed a bug in the logger to respect the configured log level in all cases

Node.js agent v1.16.3

Fixed a bug in hapi 8 view segments. Previously, the segments weren't being ended when the view ended. Added a configuration option to completely disable logging. logger.enabled defaults to true, if s

February 13, 2015
Node.js agent v1.16.2

Enable http/https proxy features on all supported Node versions.Supported versions: Node.js 0.8, 0.10, 0.12 and io.js 1.x. Fixed a bug in vhost detection in Hapi 8. This bug would result in a crash fo

February 6, 2015
Node.js agent v1.16.1

Now transaction tracing with synthetic monitoring is on by default.The previous release had the synthetic transaction tracing feature turned off by default

Node.js agent v1.16.0

Added support for synthetic monitoring transaction tracing.Synthetic monitoring lets you monitor your site from around the world. When you use synthetics to monitor your Node application, up to 20 det

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