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Node.js agent release notesRSS

January 30, 2015
Node.js agent v1.15.1

Notes Preliminary Node.js 0.12 support. HTTP proxies are not supported on 0.12 yet. We don't recommend running the Agent on Node.js 0.11.1…

January 23, 2015
Node.js agent v1.15.0

Notes: Added an API for recording custom Insights events. Read more about this in our documentation

January 16, 2015
Node.js agent v1.14.7

Fixed a crash in express instrumentation in the handling of sub-routers. Fixed a crash in http outbound connections when CAT is enabled and…

January 9, 2015
Node.js agent v1.14.6

Notes The agent now logs the actual error when log file parsing fails. Thanks to knownasilya for this patch! Fixed a crash where config…

December 30, 2014
Node.js agent v1.14.5

Notes: Errors that occur in background transactions now have custom parameters copied onto them in the same manner as web transactions…

December 22, 2014
Node.js agent v1.14.4

Notes Custom web transactions can have their names changed by nr.setTransactionName() . Thanks to Matt Lavin for this patch! Fixed a bug…

December 18, 2014
Node.js agent v1.14.3

Notes Improved the Express instrumentation to be more defensive before doing property lookups, fixing a crash that could happen in an…

December 11, 2014
Node.js agent v1.14.2

Notes Added support for Hapi v8. briandela contributed a fix for an crash that would occur when using hapi with vhosts.

December 5, 2014
Node.js agent v1.14.1

Fixes Fixed a bug that caused some outbound http requests to show up in the New Relic UI as requests to localhost rather than the…

November 25, 2014
Node.js agent v1.14.0

The end-of-life date for this agent version is July 29, 2019. To update to the latest agent version, see Update the agent . For more…

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