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Node.js agent release notesRSS

June 23, 2015
Node.js agent v1.20.2

Notes Fixed a bug where custom events weren't being sent. In a refactor of our data collection cycle, we omited the custom events from the…

June 11, 2015
Node.js agent v1.20.1

Notes Fixed a bug in custom event recording limits. Previously, the agent would use the config value for max events (default of 1000) for…

June 5, 2015
Node.js agent v1.20.0

Notes Triaged a defect in native promise instrumentation Transactions used to be lost acrossed chained .then calls. The way promises are…

May 21, 2015
Node.js agent v1.19.2

Notes Fixed an issue with Error tracing Previously the agent could sometimes cause issues with user serialization of error Âobjects after…

May 14, 2015
Node.js agent v1.19.1

Notes Fixed a bug in native ES6 Promise instrumentation. Previously the Promise instrumentation would cause instanceof Promise to return…

May 6, 2015
Node.js agent v1.19.0

Features Filesystem interactions are now recorded in metrics The time spent in filesystem functions during a transaction will now be…

May 1, 2015
Node.js agent v1.18.5

Bug fixes Fixed a bug in environment variable based configuration. Previously the agent would parse the NEW_RELIC_APDEX environment…

April 22, 2015
Node.js agent v1.18.4

Notes Fixed an inverted if in config loading. Previously, the config loader would log a warning on success, rather than failure…

April 16, 2015
Node.js agent v1.18.3

Notes Wrapped all our calls to JSON.parse in try/catch. Previously, only calls that were considered unsafe due to external data input were…

April 2, 2015
Node.js agent v1.18.1

Notes Names assigned to errors via Error.name now appear in the UI. Previously, the name of an error in the UI appeared as Error…

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