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October 1, 2015
Java agent v3.21.0

Advanced Analytics for APM ErrorsWith this release, the agent reports TransactionError events. These new events power the beta feature Advanced Analytics for APM Errors (apply here to participate). T

September 1, 2015
Java agent v3.20.0

JCacheThe Java Agent now instruments the JCache API. The instrumentation times cache operations of implementations of the JCache API.To get additional information about your operations in the Database

August 13, 2015
Java agent v3.19.2

Fixed an issue that could cause NoClassDefFoundErrors when using JDBC ResultSet instrumentation on JBoss

August 7, 2015
Java agent v3.19.1

In some cases JBoss 4.x could fail to start due to a NullPointerException. In some cases Dropwizard appservers could fail to start due to a ClassCastException during log initialization

July 29, 2015
Java agent v3.19.0

RedisThe agent’s Redis instrumentation is now more efficient

July 1, 2015
Java agent v3.18.0

JettyUpdated Jetty instrumentation to support Jetty 9.3. ThriftAdded support for Apache Thrift 0.8 and greater. This instrumentation automatically adds timing to Thrift calls and sets transaction name

June 30, 2015
Java agent v3.17.1

Fixed a bug in 3.17.0, that in rare cases could cause an application thread to die. In this case, the agent log has many messages, “ERROR: Inconsistent state!”

June 11, 2015
Java agent v3.17.0

Websphere Liberty ProfileThe Java agent now provides instrumentation for WebSphere Liberty Profile. This includes web transaction visibility, Cross Application Tracing, and app server stats. Performan

May 14, 2015
Java agent v3.16.1

RedisAdded support for the Jedis client versions 1.4.0 or higher. You can now see your Redis calls in breakdowns in the overview chart, entries in the Databases tab, and segments in transaction traces

March 31, 2015
Java agent v3.15.0

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