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Java agent v3.37.0

March 29, 2017Download


  • Async APIs
    This release adds new APIs for instrumenting asynchronous work. If your transactions have asynchronous work (such as database queries or external calls) that is not automatically monitored by the Java Agent, you can use the APIs to link that work to your transactions. For more information, see the documentation.
  • OkHttp 3.6
    This release adds support for OkHttp 3.6.x. You will now see OkHttp 3.6 calls as external calls in New Relic.


  • Fixes an issue where applications running on Tomcat 8.5 could see duplicated or misnamed Transactions for async endpoints.
  • Fixes an edge case issue where users of Spring AOP can get an UndeclaredThrowableException when using the Java Agent.
  • Fixes root and current working directory jars not showing up in the UI.
  • Fixes an issue which prevented the Solr updates and Solr caches tabs from displaying in the New Relic UI for applications that are reporting Solr data for the first time.
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