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April 20, 2016
Java agent v3.28.0

CassandraThis release adds slow query tracking to Cassandra queries made via the Datastax driver. You’ll now see slow CQL queries on the Databases page and within Transaction Traces. You must add the

March 30, 2016
Java agent v3.27.0

SpymemcachedThe Java agent now provides visibility into your applications’ usage of Memcached when using the Spymemcached client versions 2.11 to 2.12. You will see the calls in the application breakd

February 25, 2016
Java agent v3.26.1

PostgreSQLThis release adds improved support for PostgreSQL 8.0+ with jdbc3+. All of these versions now include support for explain plans

February 23, 2016
Java agent v3.26.0

Spray ClientThe agent now identifies external calls when Spray Client is used. You will see your Spray Client calls with the hostname and port of the destination. The calls also have support for Cross

January 18, 2016
Java agent v3.25.0

Performance improvementsThe Java agent now starts up to 50% faster. Your applications will be available that much sooner

December 21, 2015
Java agent v3.24.1

Fixed an issue that caused Play 2.x requests to produce empty responses when the circuit breaker is tripped

December 15, 2015
Java agent v3.24.0

MongoDBThe Java agent now reports synchronous calls to the Mongo Java Driver 2.12 through 3.1. You will see the Mongo operations in breakdowns in the Applications Overview chart, entries in the Databa

December 1, 2015
Java agent v3.23.0

Hystrix instrumentationThis release contains support for versions 1.0.2 through 1.4 of the Hystrix framework. You will now see timing information related to each Hystrix Command's run and getFallback

November 16, 2015
Java agent v3.22.1

Fixed an issue that caused Ning's AsyncHttpClient WebSockets requests to fail, or the application not to start. Fixed an issue that could cause an extra transaction to be created, a background transac

November 6, 2015
Java agent v3.22.0

Play Framework 2.4 Instrumentation, and Play Framework 2 ImprovementsPrevious Java Agent releases supported the Play Framework up to version 2.3. This release includes instrumentation for Play 2.4.x.

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