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February 25, 2015
Java agent v3.14.0

Improvements: Synthetic transaction tracing Synthetic monitors lets you monitor your site from around the world. When you use synthetic…

January 20, 2015
Java agent v3.13.0

Improvements: Custom Insights events API In addition to attaching custom attributes to the events that the Java agent generates…

January 8, 2015
Java agent v2.21.7

Fixes This is a bugfix release for the legacy Java SE5 version of the agent. Unless you are a Java SE5 user, use the latest version of the…

December 22, 2014
Java agent v3.12.1

Improvements Play 2 async activity is no longer tracked when transaction is ignored. Reduced GC overhead when monitoring Play 2 applications…

November 6, 2014
Java agent v3.12.0

Fixes Various bug fixes

September 30, 2014
Java agent v3.11.0

Improvements Spring Web Services The Java Agent now supports Spring Web Services. Transactions are named based on the SOAP method name. The…

August 26, 2014
Java agent v3.10.0

Improvements Full support for Java SE 8 The New Relic Java agent now supports Java SE 8! Applications can now run on a Java 8 JVM, including…

July 31, 2014
Java agent v3.9.0

New Features Support for new Cross Application Trace map This release enhances cross application tracing with the new trace map…

July 28, 2014
Java agent v3.8.2

Fixed: Instrumentation missing including browser monitoring There was a bug in the agent that caused several instrumentation modules to not…

July 10, 2014
Java agent v3.8.1

Notes Fix: EJB application transaction metrics reporting correctly for WebLogic In version 3.8.0 of the agent, EJB application transaction…

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