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Upgrade the iOS agent

You must be an account Admin to install, configure, and upgrade the iOS agent. For information about the latest version, refer to the release notes.

Replace your iOS framework

Admins: You must replace the earlier version of your iOS agent framework before upgrading to a newer version of the iOS SDK.

Here is an example of the workflow to remove your existing iOS agent framework so you can replace it with a newer version.

  1. From the Project Navigator (CMD 1) in Xcode, search for NewRelicAgent.framework.
  2. Right-click or control-click NewRelicAgent.framework, and select Show in Finder.
  3. Drag NewRelicAgent.framework to the trash.
  4. Verify that the Xcode project highlights the reference to NewRelicAgent.framework in red.
  5. Right-click or control-click NewRelicAgent.framework, and select Delete to remove the obsolete reference from the project.
  6. Continue with the standard installation procedures for iOS app monitoring at one.newrelic.com > Mobile > (select an app) > Settings > Installation.
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