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Analyze network requests using MobileRequest event data

Monitoring HTTP and network requests gives you insight into how your app is performing and provides data that can help you improve your app. To find HTTP and network requests and errors, you can view them in the UI or query MobileRequest and MobileRequestError with NRQL.

Enable MobileRequest for earlier versions of iOS and Android

MobileRequest data is enabled by default for:

  • Android version 5.15.2 or higher
  • iOS version 6.0.0 or higher

For earlier versions, starting with Android version 5.14.0 or iOS version 5.14.0, you must enable the feature. Upgrade to the latest Android or iOS version, or add the following feature flag to your app, before the New Relic start call:

Query HTTP and network requests with NRQL

To create custom for HTTP and network requests, run queries using the following events and attributes:

View HTTP and network requests in Mobile

To explore MobileRequest and MobileRequestError data in the UI, go to the following pages:


What you can do here

Mobile crash event trail

The Mobile crash event trail shows you the events leading up to a crash of a mobile app, based on your subscription level's data retention policy. These events can help you diagnose the cause of the crash.

HTTP requests

The HTTP requests page includes charts for your top 20 domains by response time and average throughput.

HTTP errors

The HTTP errors page helps you to better understand HTTP errors and network failures associated with your mobile app and to connect errors to services that are causing issues.

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