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Connection types page

one.newrelic.com > Mobile > (select an app) > Network > Connection types: Use this page to view, sort, or drill down into detailed information about your users' mobile network connection type by response time impact, network failures, and active traffic.

The Connection Types page for mobile monitoring includes charts that show your users' wireless network connection technologies and their response time impact, error rate, and active traffic for the selected time period. Data is grouped by technology generation: 2G, 3G, etc. Wifi and Unknown are also included in the connection types breakdown. From here you can drill down into specific wireless technologies like GPRS, HSDPA, and LTE.

To view your users' mobile wireless connection types:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > Mobile > (select an app) > Network > Connection types.
  2. To change the information that appears (including response time, active devices, or network errors), select your choice from the Sort by menu.
  3. To select the mobile app versions or time period, use the Versions menu and time picker below the New Relic menu bar.
  4. To view details for a specific connection type, select its name.

Use any of our standard user interface functions and page functions to drill down into detailed information.

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