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Manage or disable APM logs in context

Impact of automatic logging

By default, our agents automatically decorate your application logs with important New Relic metadata and forward those logs to New Relic. For more on how this feature works and what agent versions have it enabled, see APM logs in context.

We give you the option to manage the forwarding of your logs to New Relic at an account level. This can be useful for these reasons:

  • To comply with your organization's policies.
  • For security and compliance reasons, you want to control which logs are forwarded.
  • You want to avoid unnecessary data ingest costs.
  • The design of system resources doesn't allow for the increased overhead of the logs transfer function.

Note that if an APM agent has high-security mode enabled, this disables application log forwarding.

Options to manage automatic logging settings

You can disable (or re-enable) automatic log forwarding across your entire account via the APM log settings UI or the API. You can also enable or disable log collection for specific agents via agent configuration.

If you need assistance with updating multiple accounts (for example, a parent account with multiple child accounts), contact your New Relic account representative. If you do not have an account rep, get support at support.newrelic.com.

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