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Go agent logs in context

With our Go language agent, you can get logs in context, which lets you see your app logs in the context of your other New Relic data. For general information on this feature, see APM logs in context.


Got lots of Go logs? Check out our tutorial on how to optimize and manage them.

Configuring logs in context in the agent

Modifications to the Go agent's config options are needed in order to use the following logs in context features.

Installing a logs-in-context plugin

Once your agent is configured to send logs to New Relic, install a logs in context plugin to instrument your logging library.

Did this doc help with your installation?

Secure your data

Your logs may include sensitive information protected by HIPAA or other compliance protocols. By default we obfuscate number patterns that appear to be for items such as credit cards or Social Security numbers, but you may need to hash or mask additional information.

For more information, see our documentation about obfuscation expressions and rules. You can hash or mask your log data by using the New Relic UI or by using NerdGraph, our GraphQL API.

What's next?

After you set up logs in context, make the most of your logging data:

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