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Go: Configure logs in context

APM logs in context connects your logs with all of your telemetry data for your apps, hosts, and other entities. Bringing all of this data together in a single tool helps you quickly:

  • Cut through the noise of thousands of logs when troubleshooting time-critical issues, so you automatically see only the most relevant logs.
  • Navigate within multiple types of telemetry data, and have the data correlate back to the original issue.
  • Easily drill down into more detailed information from the same place in the UI.
  • Find the log lines that you need to identify and resolve a problem.

For more information with examples, get started with APM logs in context.

Configuring Logs in Context in the Agent

There are two options for sending logs to New Relic with the Go agent: automatic or manual.

Installing a Logs in Context Plugin

Once your agent is configured to send logs to New Relic, install a logs in context plugin to instrument your logging library.

While you wait for your data to come in...

Did this doc help you install?

Secure your data

Your logs may include sensitive information protected by HIPAA or other compliance protocols. By default we obfuscate number patterns that appear to be for items such as credit cards or Social Security numbers, but you may need to hash or mask additional information.

For more information, see our documentation about obfuscation expressions and rules. You can hash or mask your log data by using the New Relic UI or by using NerdGraph, our GraphQL API.

What's next?

After you set up APM logs in context, make the most of your logging data:

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