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New Relic data usage limits and policies

This document lists some important account-level limits and links to other limit-related docs.

Overview of limits

We strive to keep our resources operating efficiently so that our services are available to all our users. To prevent data usage spikes in one New Relic account from impacting other customers' accounts, we have various data volume and rate limits in place. We reserve the right to enforce these limits to protect our system and to avoid issues for you and other customers.

If your New Relic account, whether by configuration or by error, exceeds one of these limits, it or its child accounts might experience one or both of the following:

  • Sampling of data
  • Temporary pause or cessation of data collection

To learn more about how hitting a limit can affect your data, see View limits. If you have further questions about these limits, your contract, or a limit you've reached, contact your New Relic account representative. We can work with you to adjust any rate limits to meet your needs.

View limits and manage data

Want to understand your account’s limit violations using the UI? See View limits.

Want to manage your data for organization or billing purposes? See Manage data.

Account-level limits

The following table includes general max limits that apply across all New Relic accounts. Specific New Relic tools, like agents and integrations, have their own limits and configurations, and might be lower than these theoretical maximum limits.

Limited condition


Rate of NRDB record* ingest

55 million per account per minute

Max NRDB records* ingested per API call

1MB (10^6 bytes)

Max attribute value size

1KB (10^3 bytes)

Max payload size

1MB (10^6 bytes)

Max total attributes per data type (including default attributes)

254 (less for some tools; for example, 64 for agents)

Number of unique custom data types

250 per account per day (applies to custom events because that's source of new data types)

APM limits

  • Agent instances: 50K per account
  • Agent instances per app: 10K
  • APM apps/services: 10K per second

Browser: number of page views

1M per minute per app

Distributed tracing: Max age of span timestamp values

20 minutes. Timestamp must be within 20 minutes of current time at ingest or within 20 minutes from the time the last span with the same trace.id was received by New Relic.

Distributed tracing: Max spans per minute per account

Dependent on agreement. Max limit: 2M.

Distributed tracing: Max spans per trace


Distributed tracing: Max attributes per span


Rate of metric timeslice data (used by APM, browser, mobile)

  • Ingest: 2 million per minute
  • Rate of names: 4 million per minute per account
  • Number per monitored app: 300K

Mobile monitoring: number of crashes reported

10K per hour

Infrastructure agents, integrations

  • Number of infrastructure agents and/or integrations: 5K per account
  • Gross number of new monitored containers: 5K per hour per account

Query limits

  • NRDB records* inspected: 100 billion per account per hour
  • Rate of queries: 20 per account per second
  • See other query limits

* NRDB records refers to database records for our core data types, which includes events, metrics (dimensional), logs, and distributed tracing (span) data, all stored in the New Relic database (NRDB). This does not include metric timeslice data.

Data ingest APIs

Our ingest APIs have additional limits that may override the more general account-level limits. Note that these limits also apply to our tools that use these APIs (like our Telemetry SDKs or our open source telemetry integrations).

Other agent and integration limits

To find limits for our other agents and integrations, which will override more general account-level limits, see the docs for those tools: you can search our solutions here. Some default reporting limits are located in these tools' configuration docs.

Manage data

Want to manage your New Relic data ingest and storage to improve data organization or reduce billing? See Manage data.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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