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Get started with OpenTelemetry and New Relic

The OpenTelemetry project has a broad scope including API and SDK specifications, instrumentation, the Collector, semantic conventions, the OTLP protocol, and more. New Relic aims to have first-class support for OpenTelemetry and has a wide variety of platform capabilities that make it easy to use OpenTelemetry tools.

This documentation is a collection of common OpenTelemetry integration patterns with New Relic. It is not an exhaustive set of all possible usages, but should give an idea of the ways most people use OpenTelemetry and the types of New Relic platform capabilities built on top of those work flows.

OpenTelemetry APM Monitoring discusses using OpenTelemetry to perform APM monitoring akin to APM Monitoring with New relic agents.

OpenTelemetry Collector for infrastructure monitoring contains a variety of examples of using the OpenTelemetry collector for infrastructure monitoring, including scraping / polling infrastructure targets, and correlating OpenTelemetry APM data with infrastructure.

OpenTelemetry Collector for data processing discusses the basics of using the OpenTelemetry Collector as a general tool for receiving, processing (enriching, transforming, sampling, filtering, etc), and exporting telemetry data.

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