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OpenTelemetry data in New Relic

OpenTelemetry has a rich ecosystem of instrumentation and tooling which can be integrated with New Relic via OTLP. This documentation describes how New Relic receives, processes, and ingests OTLP data. See Get started with OpenTelemetry and New Relic for information on common integration patterns.

New Relic OTLP endpoint describes OTLP configuration requirements relevant for any OpenTelemetry integration with New Relic, along with troubleshooting information.

OTLP is divided into trace, metric, and log signals, all of which include the concept of resources. See the following pages for details on how each is processed and ingested:

All OTLP data is ingested into the New Relic platform, which includes many powerful general purpose observability tools to help you identify and diagnose problems, including:

  • Alerts: Get informed when a signal exceeds a threshold.
  • Custom Queries: Write custom NRQL queries for adhoc data analysis and exploration.
  • Dashboards: Create custom data visualizations reflecting the unique requirements of your applications.
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