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Query account audit logs (NrAuditEvent)

As an additional security measure for using and managing New Relic, you can use the NrAuditEvent event to view audit logs that show changes in your New Relic organization. This includes:

  • Individuals added or deleted
  • Role changes
  • Account changes made via API
  • Synthetic monitor changes
  • Dashboard deletion
  • Workload configuration changes

You can also use alerts to be notified about changes in your New Relic account.

Account data security and retention

All New Relic accounts can query up to 13 months of account changes. To ensure account security, the audit logging NRQL query only tracks changes in your currently selected account. It does not show audit log events for any associated child accounts. To query changes in another account or sub-account, select the account and run a NRQL query there.

Audit logging is different than configuring audit mode for your APM agent. APM audit mode records information about all data being transmitted from your app.

Run NrAuditEvent query

To track and view changes in a New Relic account:

  1. At any NRQL interface, run the following query, adjusting the time frame as needed up to thirteen months:

    SELECT * from NrAuditEvent SINCE 1 day ago
  2. To customize your query, use any of the available NrAuditEvent attributes.

  3. To be notified about account changes, create NRQL conditions with alerts.

To query changes in another account, select the account and run a separate NRQL query for that account.

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