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Use NrIntegrationError event to understand data ingest problems

Use New Relic's NrIntegrationError event to understand problems related to data ingest, limits, and feature configuration.

Troubleshoot data ingest with NrIntegrationError

Our NrIntegrationError event is used to capture issues related to:

  • Exceeding of our data ingest limits
  • Exceeding of our query limits
  • Malformed data
  • Configuration issues

You can run NRQL queries to analyze NrIntegrationError error messages. You can also set up alerts to be notified when specific types of errors, or certain quantities of errors, occur.

NrIntegrationError events are primarily categorized by the feature that is sending them, as indicated by the newRelicFeature attribute. Values include:

For attribute definitions, see the data dictionary.

Query and alert

You can query NrIntegrationError events using NRQL, and set up NRQL alert conditions to get notified when issues happen.

Here are some examples of queries:

If you want to examine the structure of this event and see what attributes are attached, you can use a keyset() query, like this:

FROM NrIntegrationError SELECT keyset()

Tutorials and examples

Here are links to docs that go into more detail about how to use NrIntegrationError.

Below are NrIntegrationError-related docs for our core ingest APIs. NrIntegrationError events are generated not just for direct use of these APIs but for any New Relic tools that rely on those API endpoints for reporting data:

Limit-related docs:

Programmatically use NrIntegrationError events

If you're interested in manipulating these events via API, see Programmatically use NrIntegrationError.

Understand changes to your account

If you're trying to understand changes that have been made in your New Relic account (like when a user made a change), see NrAuditEvent.

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